Rain — Residential & Commercial Plumber in Sheridan, QLD


Ensure your property is ready this storm season with quality plumbing services from Tonon Plumbing & Gas. Our experienced team can assess your stormwater drainage, downpipes and gutters so your property will be safe from flooding or excess water.

Cyclones and heavy storms are common throughout Cairns and the Tablelands, which is why our team uses the latest in CCTV technology to assess your pipes and check that there are no blockages or damage.

If any issues are found, our plumbers can quickly and efficiently repair or replace piping, allowing water to drain properly without overflowing or backing up.

Whether it’s the start of the season, or you’ve just gone through a cyclone, contact Tonon Plumbing & Gas to get a quote on our affordable stormwater services today. ​

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